is something we all need in our lives. It empowers your mind, relaxes your body and feeds your soul.

WantMoreFUN Pole & Spa PartiesWhat happens at a POLE CATZ Party?
• The instructor will set up a pole in your home.
• You invite your friends - average party size is 10-15 ladies
• You and your friends will form a "circle of friendship" around the pole!
• Your instructor will teach you the basic moves of pole dancing. She will start with simple moves and build on the basics to fluid, beautiful, yet simple routines.
• A grand finale allows every attendee to showcase their talents for their friends that adds to the FUN!

The evening is totally about FUN! There is no "right" or "wrong" way to experience a POLE CATZ Party. You just have to experience the magic happen as each woman meets the pole. We facilitate the process through a well-orchestrated system that flows smoothly from start to finish so that every partygoer present (whether shy or gregarious) has an empowering, FUN, supportive experience.

2 hour party @ $300.00

Call (902) 448-3308 to book your

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